Get the maximum value from your network and make an impact
Perfect for top-notch industry and community leaders
Warmth level and analytics
Visualize your network in one app
Introdex AI-powered data algorithm identifies the warmth level of your connections, as well as suggests the best ways to make introductions to them. You can analyze what happens after an introduction and understand the impact.
Aggregate and synchronize your connections from LinkedIn, Facebook, email, phone books, and other sources. Introdex removes the duplicates and leaves only meaningful and valuable connections that know and trust you.
Find more partners to work with
Meet B2B SaaS companies from all over the world who would like to get access to your network. You can choose whether you want to collaborate with any of them and the decision about each introduction is completely up to you.
How it works
Import your connections during onboarding and get your network visualized with a personalized dashboard.
Effortlessly receive introduction requests and business proposals from B2B SaaS companies.
Choose to work with companies you like and get rewarded for each successful introduction.
Network-led sales
made easy
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