Get the best warm introductions to the sales champions of your leads
Tailored for B2B SaaS companies with complex sales
Effortless new market entry
Find the best connectors in your industry on a new market, get their expertise and access to their network. They will open the doors to potential customers so that you can start selling right after without spending much on market entry.
Shorter sales cycle
A complex B2B sales cycle takes 3-12 months and involves a number of decision-makers. Start with a warm introduction to a customer’s sales champion that will boost decision-making speed internally.
Cost-effective Biz Dev
Convert connectors in your industry into ambassadors without spending big budgets on salary. 70% of connectors prefer to receive a success fee from contracts rather than having a retainer fee.
How it works
Build a pipeline in Introdex using extensions in your sales software or import it from CRM.
Match with connectors with relevant networks and incentivize them to work with you.
Receive the best warm introductions from connectors and boost your sales with the warmest path to the right people.
Network-led sales
made easy
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